Neutrasteel FRP

Neutrasteel®-FRP consists of two parts: the core part is metallic material e.g. ordinary steel or stainless steel or any other metals; the outer part is Neutras-FRP. The main purpose of using a steel core is to further increase the stiffness and shearing performance of the FRP composite, meanwhile, the shell part still features Neutras-FRP.

The Same Surface Configuration of Neutras FRP
The Same Surface Configuration as Neutras 


Cross-Section Showing the Steel Core
Cross-Section Showing the Steel Core


The type and the size of the metallic core part and the thickness of the Neutras-FRP shell can be altered tailoring to customer’s needs.

We believe that Neutrasteel-FRP is not only an upgrade of the existing FRP products but it is also capable to be used for any other potential applications such as off-shore construction and building connection components.

Excelement Technology Ltd has a production process that is ready to take any orders from development prototypes to large volume production.