About Us

Excelement® Technology Ltd was founded in 2010. The business is registered in England and started with R & D of an innovative basalt fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite according to a product specification of a local customer – a large scale manufacturer in the construction sector. All products are designed to relevant British or European standards.   Innovation is at the heart of everything we do in Excelement. Our extensive know-how in FRP composite technology is focused on partnering with customers and raw material suppliers aiming to provide real advantages over the long term.

Excelement is not only a material innovator and supplier of the advanced unique Neutras®-FRP composite, it is now driving the innovation even further, another type of innovative composite is at the end of the development stage, that has combined the advantages of both Neutras®-FRP and advanced metallic materials (e.g. low alloy high-strength steel) together to form a revolutionary Neutrasteel®-FRP composite with the shearing performance equivalent to the core material (i.e. steel) and the surface corrosion resistance the same as the Neutras®-FRP.

As the Excelement business model, we do not do everything, we only focus what we are good at. We choose the partners globally which are the best in that area. Throughout the past two years, we have fostered strong relationships with our partners in research, production and distribution meaning not only our partners but our customers also enjoy a highly-skilled, responsive and reliable service from each other they know and trust.

Our business stream is not limited to above FRP composites, Excelement is also a distributor of continuous basalt fibre products in the UK and European market for a world leading manufacturer. The distributed basalt fibre products are in a variety of forms.  Our Basphalt® product is short-cut fibres designed for asphalt road surface reinforcement which can extend the road service life by up to 30-40%, therefore significantly reducing the carbon footprint.  Other product forms such as basalt fibre needle felt fire-proof fibre board and basalt fibre sleeves etc are the best for high-temperature applications.