Excelement Technology Ltd. is a high technology driven and a customer-focused company that redefines and supplies basalt fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite material and technical consultancy tailored to customers’ needs.

The company’s mission since being founded in 2010 has been to create innovative eco-friendly composite material which features a combination of both high tensile and compressive strength, high ductility, light-weighted with excellent other properties e.g. high corrosion resistance, thermally insulated etc. Achieving this breakthrough has introduced a new class of Neutras-® and Neutrasteel-® FRP composite materials that leverage conventional FRP production processes and existing production infrastructure in the construction sector.

Following the founder’s research and development experiences over 25 years in materials engineering, Excelement product development has worked with world-leading industry experts and universities aiming to redefine the FRP material and revolutionize the production process. At the early stage, the focus was on finding a new kind of reinforcing fibrous material that should meet the following criteria:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Lower carbon foot print.
  • Stronger and more durable than the existing fibrous material.
  • More cost-effective.
  • More thermally efficient.
  • More corrosion resistant.

Ideally, it should be used in a larger temperature range that results in the finding of continuous basalt fiber products made out of single volcano rocks with appropriate chemical constituents lying in a certain range.

Excelement product developer then focused on a large-scale customer’s product needs, then combining the selected basalt fiber with vinyl ester polymer resin commonly used to make existing conventional glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composites, through 100 plus trials of prototype products over 2 years and eventually successfully passed all tests in accordance with a relevant European technical testing standard carried out by a large UKAS certified testing laboratory, which resulted in a new class of basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) composites outperforming existing products in its kind and with no doubt it can also be used as a replacement of conventional GFRP composite.

All Excelement proprietary products are designed in the UK and tailored to the customer’s need and tested in UKAS certified UK laboratories. Following to each technology breakthrough in new material development in laboratory scale, Excelement has developed a market-driven product strategy aiming to commercialize prototype products into large-scale industrial implementation in collaboration with local and nationwide customers.